Data Recovery Services : Water Damaged Files From Google Drive

Have you used Google Drive to save all your data as a backup? Android phone users usually back up their essential Data Recovery Services to Google Drive as it is safe and can be accessed anytime. 

So, when your phone is water damaged and you don’t know what to do to Data Recovery Services those files, you can opt for Google Drive.

Here is what you need to do :

  • First, open on your PC or another phone
  • Next, log in with the same username and password and click on the My Drive section
  • Here you will see all the backed up files or even the manually added one
  • Select the data you want to restore and tap on Download option

The problem also occurs to many Samsung phone users and they want a solution. So, for Samsung phone users, I would suggest opting for “ Find My Mobile ” feature to recover missing files. 

However, when the phone falls on water, the Twitter data stored in it is usually not damaged and you can easily get photos from water damaged Samsung phone.

But remember that this method will help you only when you have connected to it previously.