Are RAID Arrays Still Commonly Used?

The technology is becoming more and more advanced as the time goes by because of all the discoveries and inventions that people are creating and discovering today. One of the products of the modern technology is the computer. This device is capable of helping people by making their jobs faster and a lot easier than doing them manually. This is the reason why almost every person living on this planet has a computer.

The Computer
A computer is a machine that is created to help people in doing the jobs that they need to finish on time. It is capable of having many programs in its system and these programs help people in achieving the tasks that they want or need to do. The computer also has storage in it so that people can save some of the most important files and documents in the device so that they will no longer have instances where they forgot or misplaced the files. One of the storage techniques that the computer possesses is called RAID.

What Is RAID?
RAID is a way of storage that computers use. It is invented by Garth A. Gibson, Randy Katz and David Patterson. It is the abbreviation of Redundant Array of Independent Disks which is formerly named Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk. A computer stores data in different hard disks in the computer so that, in the event of a malfunction or damage to one of the hard disks, the important files and documents are still intact and can be retrieved from the computer.

Do Computers Still Use RAID?
Nowadays, RAID Arrays can still be found in computers. This is due to the fact that this concept is still effective and is widely used by many types of computers that can be bought in the market. The reason why the RAID Arrays have stayed in many computers today is because this storage technique or idea is very helpful and efficient when it comes to protecting the various files and documents that are important to the user of the computer. Some of the companies that still use this are Dell, HP, and IBM. These are some of the most famous manufacturers of computers all over the world. Because these companies are still using and putting RAID on the computers that they are making, this only means that the Redundant Array of Independent Disks or RAID is still commonly used in computers today.