Data Recovery : How Do You Recover Lost Data?

What is stellar data recovery?

If you have lost data at one point, you must have heard about Stellar data recovery. Maybe you are asking yourself what Stellar data recovery is. Well, this is data retrieval software used to retrieve lost files, photos and videos from a storage device such as SD memory cards, external or internal hard drives, Flash drives, and Pen drives.

How do you recover lost data using Stellar data recovery software?

Once you purchase data retrieval software such as this one, all you have to do is to understand how to retrieve your data. Below is how to recover your data with Stellar data recovery software.

Choose what to recover :

Assuming you already installed the software on your computer, let’s begin the retrieval process. It is up to you to decide which type of file you want to recover. The software gives you several options but You can choose to recover documents, folders, emails, and multimedia files. This is based on what type of Youtube data you lost.

Choose location :

Now that you have selected the type of files you want to recover, it is time to choose the location of your lost data. For example, if the lost data is on your local disk or desktop. Check the option. The software provides you with the options that might have contained your lost data. It is only you who knows which location your lost data that you want to restore was.

Data Recovery

Scan :

Having chosen the location and the type of files you want to retrieve, the next step is to start a scan. The software will scan all the files on the location (s) you selected. Based on your selection, you are likely to recover your data from multimedia to emails files. It is necessary to note that the software will initiate an automatic deep scan after you start scanning or you can choose it manually.

Recover :

The scanning process takes a few minutes to complete. The software will notify you that it has finished scanning. It will also ask you if you did not find what you were looking for and if you want to rerun the process. If you found what you were looking for, the software gives you the option to click on recover. By clicking recover, means you got what you wanted, and you will, therefore, choose the location where you wish to save them.

Conclusion :

This is how you should go about recovering lost data using Stellar Data Recovery software. While there are many tools you can use to retrieve data, not all can give great results. Alternatively you can contact a data recovery company for professional assistance. They usually will have more advanced software that is custom built in comparison to what is commercially available to purchase in stores or online. Hence we would recommend trying data recovery software such as Stellar first and if that does not assist in retrieving the data, then contact a professional lab for assistance.