Data Recovery : The Best Advancements Digital Forensics

Technology is rapidly evolving which it makes challenging to enforce appropriate measures to prevent digital data recovery crimes but The good is that digital evidence is now admissible in the court of law but under certain conditions that are the use of the appropriate tools for also data recovery and digital forensics. The also following are the top 10 advancements in data recovery and digital forensics: 

1. 1. 07 CAIE (Computer Aided Investigative Environment)

It contains digital forensic tools in the LINUX environment, and it has various features such as tools for network forensic and data recovery among others.

1. 2. 09 Free Hex Editor Neo

A tool designed to handle huge files making it easy but to search for hidden data in database files and can also be used for data recovery. 

1. 3. 10 Bulk Extractor

It is a computer forensic tool which not only does the extraction of directory files but also used for image files to conduct forensic. 

1. 4. Guidance Software

Compatible with the pc users only and it a forensic tool which has been used for decades but It is capable of hard drive restoration as well as disk-level investigation. 

1. 5. Magnet forensic

It is an entirely digital platform used by various agencies also it has the capability of making physical data also acquisition with the aid of the tool called Cellebrite. 

1. X-ways

An X-ways forensic tool does a perfect job when it comes to disk cloning but remote RAM access, and virtual RAID reconstruction. 

1. 7. CERT (computer emergency response teams)

It is an organization created to combat cyber-attacks, and they have developed various tools such as CERT triage used by the law enforcement to make an on-site acquisition. 

1. 8. Disk Drill’s

It does a perfect job when it comes to data recovery as it is a tool used to recover documents and images files. 

1. 9. 12 Xplico

A tool used for the extraction of application data from internet traffic but it supports also various protocols such as SIP and has the capability to output data to MYSQL database.

1. 10. 16 PlainSight

One of the best digital forensic tools applicable in the Linux distribution but aids in various tasks such as physical examination of the memory dumps and data carving